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An experienced retail business leader and strategist with a entreprenerial drive and a pioneering approach to growth, new business development and profitability. As a CX expert Patrick has a passion for how his retail customer's organisations operate and how he can help increase their sales, service offering, profitability & customer engagement whilst streamlining their processes.


About Pearlai

 Péarlaí gives retailers and retail destinations real time tracking through smart ID’s of individual customer journeys through their physical stores, shopping centres, streets, towns and cities, enabling highly targeted, relevant and timely promotional and rewarding capabilities. The platform is fully scalable for multi locations to deliver group loyalty and measurability, resulting in increased footfall, dwell time and consumer spending. 

Consumer behaviour analytics for retailers

Through deep analytical data processing of the customer journey, retailers will be able to more accurately and reliably predict shopping behaviours, recognise patterns and target specific products and services directly to individual shoppers. Péarlaí’s patented technology offers retailers for the first time a GDPR compliant platform that delivers 100% measurable results and a return on marketing investment previously unachievable and unmeasurable. 

The Péarlaí platform provides landlords with unparalleled data on when their shoppers arrive, where they go, how long they dwell in specific areas, number of messages/offers delivered with conversion rates. This information is broken down with the full demographic details Péarlaí hold on individual shoppers. - Name, D.O.B, gender, post code, employment status, marital status, household income and the number of children.

Using Data and Loyalty as your cost effective marketing platform.  


Conference Sessions


    13-Nov-2019, 15:00 - 16:00, Innovation Forum

    Discover the latest innovations to increase the performance of your shopping destinations

    • Language: English

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