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Job TitleHead of Retail

Company NameHoxton Analytics


I am an experienced and versatile Head Of Business Development/Sales Leader, with proven success in a variety of industries. I am passionate about how technology can make a positive difference, particularly in the retail industry, for customers, retailers and shopping centres/landlords. 



About Hoxton Analytics

Hoxton Analytics is a highly innovative business that helps commercial property owners and shopping centre managers make better business decisions by providing them with accurate insights on their visitors.

Cameras fixed low to the ground use computer vision to observe footsteps and movement at the floor-level. This provides market-leading footfall accuracy (audited daily as part of the service) and demographic data in real-time through our online management information systems. Furthermore, it does so without invading customer privacy.

Real-time occupancy, directional flow, male/female gender split and street-to-store capture rates are among the offered services, in locations ranging from shopping centres to airports and supermarkets. 

Conference Sessions


    13-Nov-2019, 15:00 - 16:00, Innovation Forum -1

    Discover the latest innovations to increase the performance of your shopping destinations

    • Language: English

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