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Job TitleChief Commercial Officer

Company NameHoxton Analytics


Ben is Chief Commercial Officer at Hoxton Analytics. He brings over 25 years of entrepreneurial commercial experience to a leadership role that is focused on delivering best-in-class data and insights to a range of international clients including retail investors, asset managers and property management agencies. 


About Hoxton Analytics

Hoxton Analytics provides highly-accurate people counting, gender, occupancy and directional flow data, based only on observing visitor footsteps. 

Our clients own or manage shopping centres and open-air retail destinations. Our footfall data allows them to assess performance, understand pedestrian behaviour, measure the impact of events & marketing and inform lease negotiations. 

Data is collected utilising low-level cameras that point down at the floor to avoid people's faces. The cameras are easy to install, run off mains power and communicate over 4G (no IT integration required). Our patented AI algorithms convert footsteps into highly accurate data and rich insights. This data is manually audited for accuracy every day and delivered to customers as a service via our proprietary, real-time dashboard and a comprehensive range of APIs.

In short – accurate, private & insightful pedestrian data. 


Conference Sessions


    13-Nov-2019, 11:00 - 12:00, Innovation Forum

    Discover the latest innovations in shopping centres 3.0

    • Language: English

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