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Company NameART Software Group


Gareth Jordan is a Director at ART Software Group, creators of Retail Advantage analytics. 

Retail Advantage is an influential, innovative solution used widely throughout the UK and Europe. Gareth oversees global expansion and excels at streamlining business processes to optimise and unlock potential in data. He helps organisations to achieve better return on investment from the data they have so that people at every level in the business benefit from analytics, and can utilise the intelligence quickly.

Backed by more than a decade of experience with retail industry professionals, he works to develop and enhance data opportunities on leading schemes, implementing analysis environments for shopping centres, outlets and retail portfolios that deliver results. 

Retail Advantage is the leading analytics platform, delivering data-driven insights and targeted retail analysis. Highly effective strategic management tools and data-visualisations unlock paths to build on current potential to enhance sales, profit and growth.



About ART Software Group

Capture and make sense of your data with a tailored management platform powered by real-time analytics. Retail Advantage from Art Software Group is the leading data analytics platform for shopping centres, outlets, brands and managed retail locations. Used in 12 countries, Retail Advantage delivers powerful strategic analysis and a comprehensive view on your data to achieve detailed understanding of mall and portfolio performance. In many cases you already have the data – Retail Advantage does more with it. 

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    12-Nov-2019, 14:45 - 18:35, Majestic Hotel Cannes

    This summit is a by invitation only event* CONFIRM YOUR PRESENCE: *IMPORTANT: in order to atten...

    • Language: English

    13-Nov-2019, 15:00 - 16:00, Innovation Forum -1

    Discover the latest innovations to increase the performance of your shopping destinations

    • Language: English

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