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Job TitleCEO

Company NameFuntopia


Mrs. Tania Kishkin is a Leisure and Entertainment industry professional. With over seven years of executive management experience, Mrs. Kishkin has been deeply involved with the strategies, business development, and operations of Funtopia Franchising Ltd.

Acting as the CEO of the company, she incorporates innovative concepts into the business models of the globally represented Funtopia Active Entertainment Centers which leads to the quick company expansion. With 13 highly successful facilities in 6 countries opened in just four years, Mrs. Kishkin is eager to challenge the industry and discuss latest trends and operations observations with the visitors.



About Funtopia Franchising

Funtopia has global experience in adventuretainment operations. Our strength is in the development of effective and innovative solutions for day-to-day operations while also providing high customer satisfaction rate and long-term profitability.

Starting with careful planning and design that guarantee optimal processes management and fantastic customer experience, we make sure fun, sports, and adventure, are all interconnected into one revolutionary concept. This turnkey solution allows shopping centers grow fast in a sustainable way while providing visitors the necessary options active lifestyle and all-under-one-roof experience.

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Conference Sessions


    14-Nov-2019, 10:45 - 12:00, Leisure Zone -1

    Find the best technologies & solutions to entertain your customers

    • Language: English

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