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Job TitleFounder

Company NameArusio


Anders is a graduate of the European Film College, California State University Monterey Bay and VIA Film & Transmedia. Anders has studiet storytelling, game design and generel film production at all schools.

In 2017 Anders co-founded the company Arusio to focus on the development of mobile games with focus of ‘Mobile Play’. 

Anders works with core game design and follows a game production from A-Z.

For Anders it comes natural to manage and drive projects in an efficient way. That is why he handles both creative tasks such as concept development and scriptwriting, while he also knows how to organise, plan and direct a game production.

Besides game design Anders focuses on content and concept development, themed design, IP development, concept presentation and integrated storytelling.



About Arusio

 Arusio combines the awesome possibilities of mobile with the benefits and experience of physical games and play. We call it “Mobile Play”.

Our apps are designed to spark players’ imagination, while supporting a healthy lifestyle with social outdoor play and movement. Arusio’s apps serve as digital tools that facilitate play, but users will mostly be looking up from their screen, using the real world and physical space. All while socialising with friends and enjoying the outdoors. 

Conference Sessions


    14-Nov-2019, 14:00 - 16:00, Leisure Zone -1

    For this session, the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) has invited a group of five speakers who are experts within experience design, business development...

    • Language: English

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