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Job TitleCEO & Founder

Company NameArena Space


Vasily is a business strategy consultant, entrepreneur and researcher. He helps technological startups grow.

In 2016 Vasily founded ARena Space -a network of entertainment digital parks based on interactive technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality, projection technologies). 

Prior to Arena, Vasily led Mobile tech center at Russian Skolkovo Innovation Center. The focus of the center is development of high-tech projects - from wearables and IoT devices to mobile platforms and apps, from VR/AR technologies to human-machine interfaces.


About Arena Space

ARena Space is a chain of entertainment digital parks based on interactive technologies: virtual reality, augmented reality, projection technologies.

What we have for now:

  • Multi-product VR park with different modular formats from 150 to 2000 sq.m.
  • IT platform for VR parks management - Arena Park Manager, a CRM / ERP / loyalty system, booking, management of processes at the park and reporting system
  • International park franchise, including development and management of the park: management standards, product matrix, marketing, work with staff, technical support, filling the park with attractions and content.
  • In 2018 we opened flagship park in the Central Kids Store 620 sq.m. in the heart of Moscow that was visited by 100000 quest in just 9 months. We also have 7 mini parks in Russia, incl. 3 franchises.

Our nearest plans include:

  • Launching the largest VR-park in Europe - 2000 sq.m. 
  • Opening flagship locations in London, New York and Berlin and a launch of sales of the international franchise.

Currently the company occupies a leading position in Eastern Europe and expanding internationally with a major goal to create a network of 250 parks within 5 years including its own and franchise parks, the customer base forecasted to reach 25 million people annually.


Conference Sessions


    13-Nov-2019, 10:45 - 12:00, Leisure Zone

    Find the best technologies and solution to entertain your customers.

    • Language: English

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