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BLOUIN François

Job TitleFounder & CEO

Company NameFood Service Vision


He guides clients in defining and implementing their strategy with specific expertise in market introduction strategies.

Since 2004, François has led numerous development missions in the food service market both in France and abroad, working with food service manufacturers, restaurant chains and distributors.

As a recognized expert, François regularly participates in conferences and trade publications to share his point of view on new challenges in the out-of-home consumption market.

With an education in management and business, François previously worked in food service manufacturing and distribution at Danone, Webcity and Brake France for 15 years. He held positions in commerce, management control and marketing management. 



About Food Service Vision

Food Service Vision is a service company dedicated exclusively to growth and performance in the out-of-home consumption market.

We develop a range of services and tools to help our clients develop their strategies in this exciting market and offer insightful perspectives.

Our detailed expertise, meticulous work methods, and extensive experience enable us to build operational recommendations.

Since the beginning, the team has consisted of out-of-home consumption professionals from various backgrounds (marketing, trade marketing, and business) and quickly became enriched with experts of different specialities (panellists, quantitative researchers, and consultants). Today, the Food Service Vision team offers a wide range of diverse, complementary talents to their clients.

Conference Sessions


    13-Nov-2019, 14:00 - 15:15, Conference Room -1

    Industry scope: international trends & key figures F&B is a key driver to increase traffic & revenues: focus on international successful experiences From sh...

    • Language: English

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