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Founder of SPECI SA, Pierre Grivegnée is a manager with extensive experience in large scale real estate developments. He set up and managed, on behalf of Wilhelm & Co sa, the pre-development phase of two of the largest multi-purpose real estate developments in Belgium : Esplanade in Louvain La Neuve (shopping mall, apartments, cinemas, …) and Médiacité in Liège (shopping mall, belgian radio office building, ice skating ring, …). He is actually the bearer through his own company for 2 major projects in Belgium : 

- The Crystal Park development : 120 Ha of land, 7 Ha of old industrial Crystal factory brownfield and 8.000 m² of patrimonial buildings (castle and abbey) for 54.000 m² retail village , 19.000 m² indoor and 15 ha outdoor Leisure park, 22.000 m² offices, 120 rooms hotel, and 450 houses and apartments.

- The Pôle Village site in Spa-Francorchamps. 

He was also the instigator of the industrial recovery plan for the Val Saint Lambert Crystal glasswork following its bankruptcy in 2008.

Innovation in real estate development both in terms of the programs and the techniques to be implemented are the foundations of the projects developed by Pierre Grivegnée.

Through the various SPV's created for the projects developed, Pierre Grivegnée is currently managing director of 12 real estate development companies for wich he is responsible. 



About Speci

SPECI designs and coordinates high-profile real estate development programs. In the field of urban development SPECI is committed and creative developer, taking each project through to its completion and beyond, to ensure and overall integrated vision.

The development phase is SPECI's area of expertise : Imagining and conceiving projects, structuring them and leading them through to the stage of administrative permits, while guiding through the demand of the market and financial, townplanning and socio-economic imperatives.

It then completes the projects with and experienced, multi-disciplinary and integrated team, motivated by a shared desire to achieve.

Once all administrative approvals required for the completion of the project have been issued, SPECI concludes agreements with partners through SPV's (Special Purpose Vehicle) to ensure the development of each specific part of the multi-purpose program. 


Conference Sessions


    13-Nov-2019, 11:00 - 12:00, Verrière Grand Auditorium

    Creating places in Belgium: 3 exceptional mixed-use projects   Co-organised with: BLSC

    • Language: English

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