Delegate Profile

RUSSEL Edwards

Job TitleFounder & CEO

Company NameReveal Systems


A long career in engineering, sales and project management provides a solid foundation for building and running a progressive technology company. We are all in a constant state of flux as new ideas and technologies hit our markets, probably one of my strong points is the ability to see through the "smoke and mirrors" of many new products that claim amazing things but actually are great looking interface with no substance behind. 



About Reveal Systems

Reveal Systems are at the forefront of technology systems that support Asset, marketing and operational managers to understand the performance of an asset. Probably the most important aspect of our work is to try and understand the challenges a business is facing, we work closely with our partners using data collection and analysis tools o support the drive for efficiency and a fuller understanding of how visitors engage wit their environment. 

Conference Sessions


    13-Nov-2019, 15:00 - 16:00, Innovation Forum -1

    Discover the latest innovations to increase the performance of your shopping destinations

    • Language: English

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