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Job TitleGlobal Operations Director

Company NameIngka Centres


Milen Gentchev is Global Operations Director at Ingka Centres, where he leads on implementing the company’s customer-centric strategic vision at over 40 of its IKEA anchored retail-led meeting places around the world. The vision focuses on building destinations tailored to customer demands and individual local community needs to ensure they remain relevant now and long into the future. 

Milen is also responsible for Ingka Centres global sales and leasing strategy, and creating partnerships with brands, communities and customers in multiple markets. He was previously General Director of Ingka Centres Russian business, and prior to this worked in management positions at METRO Cash & Carry in the Netherlands and Russia. 



About Ingka Centres

With over 40 years of experience, Ingka Centres today owns 44 centres on 14 markets that span from Europe to China and Russia, welcoming 480 million visitors each year.

Together with IKEA and other partners Ingka Centres co-creates virtual and physical meeting places where the many can meet, find what they need, and connect with their communities and the world.

Conference Sessions


    14-Nov-2019, 16:15 - 17:00, Conference Room -1

    Retail shops, restaurants, residential units, hotel rooms, entertainment, office space… what are the components of new mixed-use property development projects...

    • Language: English

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