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AUGE Alexandra

Job TitlePartner

Company NameBlossom Estate & Leisure


I am one of the stakeholders of our family group: Blossom Group

After an experience in an international group, then in a consulting group, I lead the Blossom group with my two cousins. I have a master's degree in management and I have followed many training courses in all areas of real estate. I am in charge of construction, and monitoring renovations, relations with our design offices, our architects, ... of course, I am also very close to local communities.My goal is to find the best locations to ensure the success and sustainability of our tenant. For this, beyond the location, we have constraints on acquisition and renovation costs.



About Blossom Estate & Leisure

Blossom is a corporate group holding and leading by 100% a family. In 2022, the group will become century experienced in real estate. The owners are the 4th generation. Our investment are based on long term and own the real estate as long as we can. We are not focusing on buying and selling transaction, we usually keep real estate for a long term vision. The first property bought by our family in 1922, still belongs to our family . We are focusing on real estate based in downtown cities, in suburbs surrounding with at least commercial activities. We have also the capacity to combine real estate with commercial-business activities and private estate. 

In 2013, we have started to develop the real estate in leisure field. we are e kind of « real estate start-up » as we have exponential growth, we double the group size every 5 years. Our success is also linked to our tools developed for our tenants in order to guarantee s successful story. Today, Blossom it is 200.000m2. Our group is closed to financial partners.We are looking for real estate in France, focusing on key cities, and we are looking to develop our business in Belgium and Luxembourg. We are looking for regional government who want to emphasize the local area, real estate owner ready to sell properties to guarantee long term leisure activities next to their retail park and also close to tenants. Having a tenant is a real responsability. This is our main guidance. The tenant durability is our group durability 

Conference Sessions


    14-Nov-2019, 10:45 - 12:00, Leisure Zone -1

    Find the best technologies & solutions to entertain your customers

    • Language: English

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