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Riccardo is the Chief Executive Officer of C2RO, an award-winning software start-up in Montreal, Canada. C2RO offers real-time cognitive AI solutions via an enterprise SaaS platform for smart devices. Prior to C2RO, Riccardo was the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Diablo Technologies for 15 years. Under his leadership, Diablo Technologies brought to the enterprise server memory business several cutting-edge products and technology platforms. He was directly involved and pioneered several technology breakthroughs that have become the standard in technology offerings today. At C2RO, Riccardo participated in the creation of C2RO PerceiveTM, a global machine vision platform that uses existing surveillance cameras to provide retail and mall establishments with detailed and actionable insights on the in-store visitors’ journeys segmented by demographic class, allowing businesses to work towards a more personal in-store experience for customers while still enabling them to shop anonymously. Riccardo is a hands-on and strong leader with over 18 years of industrial experience such as executive, board member and board advisor in the server memory and cloud domains. He received his B.Sc. in Engineering at Concordia University. 



About C2RO

C2RO is a high-tech software start-up, based in Montreal and founded by Dr. Soodeh Farokhi in 2016. It has developed a proprietary universal machine vision AI platform for the enterprise market. The company has introduced a portfolio of products, C2RO Engage™ and C2RO Perceive™, which leverages the power of the cloud while providing high performance and precision. 

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    14-Nov-2019, 11:00 - 12:00, Innovation Forum -1

    Discover the latest innovations to increase the performance of your shopping destinations

    • Language: English

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