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Job TitleMarketing Manager

Company NameAntonio Zamperla


Marco Mazzucchi is a Marketing Manager with a decade of successful experience in the amusement industry. Marco, working for Antonio Zamperla Spa, had the chance to visit theme parks all over the world and dealt with customers of many different cultures. After spending the first years of his career developing Zamperla’s branding and marketing strategy, Marco coordinated company’ Middle East branch in many interesting projects within the area. He currently heads up the business developments efforts within Z+, recent brand born with the aim of creating new experiences through the use of the latest hi-tech applications.

Between 2015 and 2018 he was involved as Speakers Coach with TEDXVicenza working shoulder to shoulder with local and international inspiring speakers.

Marco is a graduate of Nottingham Trent University, where he received a BA in International Business. 



About Antonio Zamperla

Founded by Mr. Antonio Zamperla in 1966, the company is today synonymous with creative designs and cutting edge technology. With a focus on fun and thrills, Zamperla’s ability to innovate and entertain lies within its unique ability to bring an amusement venue to life - from early design concepts to finished products. This capacity has led to long-standing collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Disney, Universal, Six Flags and Warner Bros. It has also allowed Zamperla to attract and retain an in-house team of world class engineers, researchers, and creatives - as well as affiliated companies and representative/sale offices all over the globe. These assets empower Zamperla to provide its clients with an “A to Z” service along with a dizzying array of attractions: ranging from small kiddie rides to the most extreme and sophisticated roller coaster rides for teens and adults. The company’s vast portfolio enables the Zamperla team to deliver a complete amusement-park experience and to successfully realise any special projects your imagination can envision. Family-operated and in its third generation, the company is today helmed by Antonio's eldest son Alberto. The company currently staffs 450 employees worldwide. Not satisfied with designing and building the most beautiful rides in the world, Zamperla still manages to amaze people by setting up new amusement parks such as VICTORIAN GARDENS and Luna Park in NY or the "coming soon" park in Fico. 

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    12-Nov-2019, 10:00 - 17:30, Hotel Martinez Cannes

    MAPIC launches a new sister event accelerating the integrtion of leisure in lifestyle destinations! The Leisure Day is a by invitation only event* REQUEST YOUR...

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