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KARMITZ Nathanaël

Job TitleChairman of the Board & President

Company Namemk2


Nathanaël Karmitz directed his first short film in 1992. In March 1995, he founded NADA, a company producing short films and cultural events. He joined mk2 in 1997 to develop its film-related activities, particularly the mk2 Project Café specializing in video art, and launched the affiliate mk2 éditions in 2000. In 2001, he created the mk2 record label. Between 2000 and 2003, he was part of the team designing the mk2 Bibliothèque complex, which opened in 2003. In 2004, he became head of the group's 'content' unit, which brings together film production, cinema distribution, international sales and publishing.
He was appointed mk2's CEO in October 2005 and is now Chairman of the Board.
Nathanaël Karmitz has since produced, coproduced and distributed numerous films.
mk2 was the first operator in Paris to announce plans to digitize the entire cinema network, Nathanaël Karmitz has always been a pioneer in the 3D and digital revolution, distributing the first film purposefully designed for digital 3D in France. In 2016 the 1st VR facility of the groupopened in mk2 Bibliothèque.
In 2010, he opened Germain Paradisio, Paris's first on-demand, private and luxury cinema. It was followed by the opening of the cinema in the club Silencio in 2011, mk2 Grand Palais in 2012 and two screens within the Palais de Tokyo in 2014.
In June 2014, he acquired CINESUR, the biggest cinema chain in southern Spain, leading network in Andalusia, and in 2018 the Palacio de Hielo in Madrid.


About mk2

mk2 is a company founded in 1974 and built around three business lines: production, distribution and cinema operation. Shaped by the political and cultural thinking of its founder Marin Karmitz, whose initials it carries, mk2 is unique in its aims to give a voice to the voiceless, promote a different view of the world and create the only alternative cultural model of its kind. 

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    13-Nov-2019, 09:30 - 11:00, Verrière Grand Auditorium

    Gain insights into North American retail & real estate markets!   PART 1: SNAPSHOT USA - 09.30-10.15 Sponsored by: Brownrudnick   PART 2: SNAPSHOT CANADA -...

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