• What is Leisure Day?

    Leisure Day is the new international event to create lively experiences for physical spaces.

    It gathers 700 participants including leisure operators & suppliers, brand owners & media, urban planners & cities, architects, retailers & property developers to co-create new sustainable business models in order to build vibrant lifestyle destinations.

  • Participants, MAPIC 2019

    700+ Participants

    Leisure, MAPIC 2019

    300 Leisure operators & suppliers

  • Keynote, MAPIC 2019

    1 Keynote

    Learning sessions, MAPIC 2019

    6 Learning sessions

  • Who's Coming? Discover some of the 700+ expected attendees:

    The full-day event will welcome leisure operators ranging from e-gaming and theme parks to live music, museum, art galleries, wellness and food, as well as retailers, brand owners, suppliers, urban planners, media, architects and property developers.

  • Andreas Veilstrup Andersen to give keynote speech

    Andreas Veilstrup at MAPIC Leisure Day

    Andreas Veilstrup Andersen, CEO and President of the Liseberg Group, will give a keynote speech at the Leisure Day on Tuesday 12 November at 14.10. He will share his vision on the crucial role entertainment plays in city attractiveness.

    Andreas has a legal and financial background, and has had various leadership roles in the leisure and amusement park industry since 2000. Andreas was the 2018 Chairman of IAAPA – the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

    Join him on Tuesday 12 November at 14.00.

  • They will speak at Leisure Day

  • Discover the LEISURE DAY programme

    Keynote speech, several panels, expert insights, talks & learning sessions:


    Emerging leisure concept snapshots

    Discover emerging concepts shaping the future!
    Active entertainment, competitive socializing, themed attractions, virtual reality, culture... what else?


    Screen-based attractions

    • Emerging concepts that are redefining leisure in the modern era... and why!
    • From immersive brand experiences, to media-based attractions
    • E-gaming & E-sports


    Learning sessions

    • Session 1: Developing a leisure concept: from vision to opening
    • Session 2: 360 multidisciplinary approach: creating entertainment destinations that deliver big business
    • Session 3: Becoming a destination: shopping mall repositioning with entertaining experiences
    • Session 4: Premium & elevated experiences
    • Session 5: (Re)inventing urban spaces for people with leisure
    • Session 6: Food & leisure, the winning combination: how F&B can be a revenue booster?

    IP-based attractions - Expert insights

    Leveraging world-class brands to create dynamic (refreshable) experiences that are repeatable, educational and fun for the entire family.

    Download the programme

    Content partner

    Leisure Development Partner
  • White paper: All to play for in lifestyle destinations

    MAPIC 2019 - Live, Play, Shop

    The retail landscape has changed beyond all recognition over the last two decades. Exciting opportunities and diversified new revenues await retail real estate operators who tap into the vast, long-lasting potential of leisure and entertainment.

    How does leisure in retail create footfall, entertainment and personality? Find out in this exclusive white paper written by Leisure Development Partner in collaboration with MAPIC.

    Download the white paper

  • Raise your game at MAPIC

    Continue the fun at MAPIC! From November 13-15, come discover the latest fun experiences and leisure attractions at the Palais des Festivals.

    Leisure Zone

    MAPIC Leisure Zone

    The Exhibition Zone

    A place where leisure exhibitors meet with the property players discussion leasing opportunities and new contracts for leisure projects in shopping destinations.

    13-15 November at MAPIC - Palais des Festivals, Cannes

    Book your stand

    Leisure Talks

    MAPIC Leisure Talks

    Flash talks & workshops

    Every morning: Presentation of entertaining leisure concepts

    Every afternoon: Talks and Q&A - 2019 main topics:

    • Technology @play
    • Storytelling @work
    • 13-14 November at the MAPIC Leisure Zone
    Themed Entertainment Association, Leisure MAPIC

    Leisure talks content partner: Themed Entertainment Association

    See the full programme
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