Who's coming?

With 8, 500 participants, including 2, 000 retailers and 2, 200 developers and cities, discover MAPIC retail real estate community

  • Attracting attendees from more than 80 countries, MAPIC has always been at the leading edge of the retail revolution, constantly adding new location-based elements while remaining true to its core mission to bring tenants, locations and business services providers together to understand, embrace and drive forward amazing lifestyle destinations. See who’s coming…

  • Retailers at MAPIC 2019


    Leisure Operators at MAPIC 2019

    Leisure Operators

    Developers & Cities at MAPIC 2019

    Developers & Cities

  • Franchise Partners at MAPIC 2019

    Franchise Partners

    Investors at MAPIC 2019


    Innovation Players at MAPIC 2019

    Innovation Players

  • Retailers at MAPIC

    From smaller upcoming brands to established names, MAPIC welcomes 2,000 retailers and restaurant chains every year to showcase their concepts, make connections and do business with retail developers, investors and fellow retailers.

  • New Retailers at MAPIC

  • Reinventing Retail

    Gazzarrini: The New Made in Italy

    Gazzarrini’s motto is to produce an extremely innovative product that combines a great capacity to blend the traditional Made in Italy experience with contemporary trends, brand spirit perfectly represented in their latest campaign featuring the famous artist Stefano de Martino.

    • Year of creation: 2017

    • Country of creation: Italy

    • Number of existing shops: 0-3

    • Expansion Strategy: Increase number of stores

    • Types of locations: Cities and high streets, Department stores, Shopping centers

    • Size of shops: 100-500 sqm

    • Want to develop in: Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East

    • Priority countries: Italy, Spain, France

    Gazzarrini: The Untraditional Made in Italy
  • Leisure Operator at MAPIC

    Come and meet at MAPIC the new names changing the rules of traditional retail ranging from e-gaming and theme parks to live music, museums, art galleries, wellness and food.

  • Property Developers & Cities at MAPIC

    At MAPIC, you will find 2,200 property developers and urban planners representing all type of locations and committed to create the more vibrant lifestyle destinations of tomorrow: shopping centers, outlets, cities, culture and leisure places, travel hubs, hotel groups, medical centers…

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  • International but also French

    MAPIC is the leading international retail real estate event but it also attracts more than 2,500 French participants. Come and meet a large panel of French cities from all over the territory.

  • Brokers at MAPIC

  • Franchise Partners at MAPIC

    Franchise Partners have always been an important asset to MAPIC gathering more than 50 of the most influent in the world. For this 25th edition, MAPIC inaugurates a Multi-unit Franchise Summit, a closed-door event exclusively reserved to Franchise Partners.

  • Investors at MAPIC

    MAPIC welcomes every year over 350 investment companies and financial institutions from 50 countries: private equities, insurance companies, pension funds, SWF, REITs, banks, asset and fund managers…

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  • Innovation Players at MAPIC

    At MAPIC, you will find a dedicated area to innovation players, which attracts and gathers the most creative innovation leaders in the retail real estate industry: technology providers, startups, innovative companies…

  • 750+ exhibiting companies from around the world

    Discover innovative solution providers, e-tailers, brands, leisure operators, food concepts, property developers, cities and a wide range of upcoming industry players in the dedicated themed areas.

    Download the latest 2019 exhibitors list

    More than 750 companies are exhibiting from all around the world at MAPIC
  • International pavilions at MAPIC

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