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First step on the platform

You will be guided to promote yourself and your company, boost your visibility and take advantage of online database’s functionalities

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First of all, update your profile (company, job title, contact details, etc.) and increase your chances of finding the right partners you are looking to connect with.

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Update your Company Page with a logo, key visuals, and description.

1st registered participant of each company to log on to the Online Database is entitled to “Company Administrator”.

3. Emperia Lead capture tool

Included with Premium Pack.

Discover how to use this Badge Scanning mobile app for fast, reliable lead capture at the show that can be pre-populated with questions you want to ask in order to ease your lead management post-event.

4. Prepare your physical event

Browse attending participants and companies, connect, and start chatting! Prepare your agenda for the upcoming MAPIC & LeisurUp.

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To enjoy the most your participation, read our list of amazing concepts. Discover the best retailers on the market with new rising retail concepts, digital markets places, fast delivery specialists, DNVBs, and much more!

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From Immersive experiences, themed park, active entertainment to indoor family entertainment center, discover the best international leisure concepts

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Get a snapshot of the retail property industry and of the leisure market and learn more about the key 2022 MAPIC & LeisurUP Highlights.

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OUTLET - Designer outlet industry overview: Adaptation and flexibility propels in the sector

Designer outlets: more than just bargains! In this special report by MAPIC, we look at the current state of play of the designer outlet sector and on the future prospects.


LEISURE - Established and emerging entertainment concepts in a retail setting

Our parter LDP reviewed characteristics of a broad range of entertainment concepts discussing which concepts fit best in a city centre setting versus in a mall or retail destination centre. Read it to learn more on additional trending concepts,on how are they sized, how much do they cost to develop, who visits and how long do they stay in the retail setting.