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  • MAPIC & LeisurUp Live shows – 17 & 18 Nov
  • Digital Platform rolls out from 2nd Nov. To 31st Dec. 2020 

The only event gathering the whole community to build a sustainable retail future!

MAPIC & LeisurUp Digital will offer all our client including LeisurUp new attendees - wherever they are - the opportunity to connect simultaneously with each other, grow their business and share ideas through live content and networking. An innovative and powerful networking solution connecting the whole retail real estate community!

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What is MAPIC ?

MAPIC is the leading international retail property event to build the ultimate lifestyle and shopping destinations. A unique rendez-vous gathering 8,500 attendees including retailers, restaurant chains, leisure and entertainment operators, cities & urban planners, shopping destinations, workplaces, hotels and investors from 80 countries!

This year with your MAPIC Digital Pass, access also all LeisurUp content. LeisurUp is the new global BtoB leisure event. View more 

░ MAPIC 2020 Retail concepts

Duck Donuts 

Duck Donuts serves warm, custom-made and made-to-order donuts as well as a variety of coffees. It's a simple, fast-growing and easy-to-run concept with a small footprint.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  • Year of creation : 2007
  • Country of creation : United States
  • Nb of exiting shops : 50+
  • Type of location : Cities and high streets
  • Nb of sqm required : 50 - 100
  • Priority countries : Spain, United Kingdom, Worldwide

Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf

Jungle Rumble was the first company to open adventure golf in a UK city centre shopping centre. They operate across the UK from outdoor and indoor sites with interesting menus, cocktails and party packages to ensure there is something for everyone.

  • Year of creation : 2010
  • Country of creation : United Kingdom
  • Nb of exiting shops : 4 - 10
  • Type of location : All
  • Nb of sqm required : 500 - 1 000
  • Priority countries : United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Spain

Poupette St Barth

Poupette St Barth is a French luxury resort wear brand 100% handmade in their own ateliers in Indonesia. An international renowned brand, distributed in retail and wholesale prestigious points of sale such as Sak’s Fith Avenue, Harrods or My Theresa.                                              

  • Year of creation : 2015
  • Country of creation : France
  • Nb of exiting shops : 4 - 10
  • Type of location : All
  • Nb of sqm required : 0 - 50
  • Priority countries : China, United States, United Arab Emirates

Moi Je

"Moi Je Bar à ongles" is a nail beauty brand created by 3 passionate people. In this nail bar the concepts of "pleasure" and "relaxation" make totally sense. They offer various nail treatments and Nail art...without appointment!                                          

  • Year of creation : 2014
  • Country of creation : France
  • Number of existing shops : 11 - 50
  • Types of locations : Malls, Shopping centers, life place destinations
  • Average size required : 0 - 50
  • Priority countries : France, Belgium, Portugal


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Main 2020 Topic : Embracing collaborative retail, ready to change the rules?  Discover the key International speakers already registered.




Jonathan DOUGHTY

Gl Head of Foodservice, Leisure & Placemaking


Carsten KELLER

VP Direct to Consumer



Chief Retail Officer


Michele MOLON

EVP Omnichannel & Commercial Operations


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