Conference & events programme 2023

The Age of Responsible Growth: Committing to a better future

For the longer-term future of the retail property industry, we are entering an ‘age of responsible growth’. That means reducing, reusing or recycling products and waste, having more efficient energy and water consumption, considering sustainability and ethics in everything we do. And because consumers are increasingly demanding these elements from the companies they buy from, this is not just good for the planet but good for business.

Examples of this can be seen everywhere in retail, leisure and food, as manufacturing, supply chains, circularity, rent-over-ownership and waste are all targeted.

MAPIC 2023 will embrace these topics and open a new area dedicated to energy efficiency and innovation in the exhibition zone. Let’s solve together the biggest industry’s challenges and create together new business opportunities!

Discover the key pillars

New Retail

Discover innovative retailers appealing to ethical consumers with unique selling propositions and value propositions. As digital and physical retail merge, explore the new ideas and business models shaping the industry.


Experience the evolution of the leisure industry and its impact on enhancing brand experiences through human interaction. Our program highlights the industry's growing popularity and diversification.


Join The Happetite, MAPIC's food forum, to discover innovative business models and see how the restaurant industry is embracing corporate social responsibility (CSR) to positively impact the environment and society, while enhancing the customer experience.


Retailers, developers, investors, and new entrants all have a responsibility to shape the world for future generations. The next generation of retail is about prioritizing people and the planet.

The evolution of retail property assets

By 2050, 70% of the world will live in cities. Retail properties are crucial to improving urban life with mixed-use developments that promote community and a sense of belonging.


MAPIC focuses on innovations that help the industry understand and meet customer needs, including data collection, AI integration, and resource management strategies.

Discover our on-site premium networking events

MAPIC has created 7 closed-door networking events to enable attendees to do business, find the right partners, think about new business models, network and discover trends & concepts of the industry. Premium networking events are by invitation only (limited spots).

ECSP Retail & Leasing Group Annual Meeting

This meeting and work-group of pan-European retailers and leasing organisations will discuss current market topics, creating recommendations and proposals for common solutions and networking. The requirement for participation is to operate in a minimum of two different countries as a retailer or a leasing representative. This event is organised by ECSP and supported by MAPIC

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Retail in the city summit

The must-attend event for high street retail. This summit looks at how cities can reinvent themselves to remain attractive for retailers and how both town centres and the suburbs can be revived sustainably.
This event brings together landlords, retailers, international cities and investors.

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Sustainability summit

Join our exclusive event to learn from experts about practical sustainability measures; to discover projects which stand out in this area and to engage with decision makers, representatives from Gen Z, and impactful project leaders.
This workshop is dedicated to landlords, retailers, investors & cities.

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Outlet Summit

Our annual focus on the dynamic and expanding designer outlet sector.

This event brings together outlet developers, retailers & investors.

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Workshop : green leases, flexible agreements, new business models, what’s new?


Discover the art of simplifying deals and partnerships to create long term value. Join a unique networking event bringing together legal experts and decision-makers in retail and real estate. Attend an insightful workshop tackling industry challenges such as new business models, innovative technology, sustainability, leasing and more.
This forum brings together landlords, retailers, leisure operators & asset managers.

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Multi-unit & Master franchise summit

An exclusive networking event bringing together international franchise partners and a selection of leading retail and restaurant brands willing to boost their business around the world.

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Leisure summit


Get insights on the latest trends in leisure, discover new leisure concepts and key projects integrating leisure in lifestyle destinations and network with a targeted audience.
This event brings together leisure operators, landlords, cities and retailers.

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They'll be speaking in 2023!

Joanna Fisher


ECE Marketplaces GmbH & Co. KG

Christopher Bird

Group Property Director

Merlin Entertainments

Cindy Andersen

Managing Director

Ingka Centres

Raymond Cloosterman

CEO & Founder

Rituals Cosmetics

Alison Rehill-Erguven


Cenomi Centers

Marie Cheval



François Agache

Directeur Général Développement et Opérations


Christine Wacker

Director, Business Development - Consumer Pro


Marc Dambremez

Vice President of Real Estate & Franchise

Levi Strauss

Tigrane Seydoux

Founder & CEO

Big Mamma

Thomas Reichenauer

Co-Founder and Managing Director

ROS Retail Outlet Shopping

Roland Mangelmans

Director Real Estate

APG Asset Management

Filomena Conceição

Global Head of Business Development


David Grover

Group Chief Executive Officer


Stephen Yalof

President & CEO


On-site pitching sessions: Discover new concepts and solutions

Attend our pitching sessions facilitating the connection between sellers and buyers! Each company will have few minutes to pitch its concept, solution, or project to potential partners.

MAPIC 2023 Pitching Contest

Pitching in the Retail, Food, and Leisure categories competed in the MAPIC 2023 PITCHING CONTEST while pitching at MAPIC.

The winner is the one who receive the highest number of votes among all the sessions. He receive a Mapic Award and 2 seats at the Mapic Awards Gala dinner.

Interested in pitching? Contact our team!

Retail Pitch Contest

New retail concepts, including DNVB (digital native vertical brands)

Leisure Pitch Contest

The most dynamic leisure concepts and solutions to create unique location-based experiences

Food Pitch Contest

The latest food concepts and solutions driving traffic and improving the customer experience in lifestyle destinations.