Restart, adapt and boost your retail expansion

Trying to find new retail expansion opportunities ?

✔  Aiming at reboosting traffic in your physical stores?

✔  Searching for innovation and retail tech or new concepts to enhance customer experience?

✔   Looking for new partners and high profile contacts? 

✔   Hunting the best locations to adapt your store network

✔   In need of promoting your brand?

Connect with the largest industry community to find new ways to restart your business at MAPIC !

Who's coming ?

Find the major actors in the industry to support your retail expansion strategy.

MAPIC gathers the whole international retail real estate community: from world leaders to new exclusive concepts.

Have a look at the top companies to see who can help you develop your retail expansion strategy.

Your Peers

Your Partners

Why coming to MAPIC ?

Build new strategies with new partners

Build alliances with franchise partners, cities, innovation and logistic players to support your new projects

Reconnect and network

with the whole industry from the most influential leaders to top new comers from 80 countries all year long

Rethink your business model

Monitor the latest trends and  learn about the best practices to reboost your brand  omnichannel profit

Discover the best locations

The world largest showcase of retail real estate assets & projects: high street, shopping centers, parks and outlets, travel hubs, hotels...

Boost your retail expansion with the Retailers' Programme

Experience a dedicated programme with exclusive services

Learn, meet, connect and close deals

The Retail Hub

Acces the new area dedicated to retailers: 

✔ A space at the heart of MAPIC to be visible for all the industry

 A co-working space to meet your peers

✔  A space to conduct your meetings

✔  A pitching space for Retail Talks


Database & matchmaking

Find the right contact and get easily in touch with top profiles of the industry 

✔8,200 retail property, food and leisure participants' contacts from all over the world

✔ Matchmaking online recommandations and onsite programme

✔ 1 year access on the digital platform

Opening soon 

Conferences & events

Attend the retailers dedicated programme  to learn about the best practices and new trends to run a successful retail strategy:

✔Year round: a full program of live sessions and thematic events on the digital platform

✔3-day-conference program in Cannes 


Property & innovation projects

Discover the hottest projects that will shape the future of lifestyle destinations:

✔ 3,000 sq m of retail property project display 

✔ The Innovation Forum, global gathering of innovation leaders and solutions

✔ Cities pavillions

✔Projects detailed on the digital platform

Promote your brand

Retail, food and leisure guide

Benefit from maximum visibility with MAPIC retailers, restaurant chains and leisure operators guide: a catalogue of all participating brands 

✔  N°1 content downloaded by property players

✔ One of the best and easiest way to attract attention on your brand or outline your concept 

✔ Full page for brands with complete profile

Information will be collected through your digital platform profile. Make sure to complete it carefully.

Retail Talks

Present your concept, your retail expansion strategy or your new projects. Benefit from the opportunity to boost your brand awareness and to connect with 8,200 international retail property professionals..

The Retail Talks are free of charge.

Showcase your brand

Have ideas to highlight your brand in an exciting and innovative way? Come share with us your most creative concept to be displayed in the exhibition area.


New comers at MAPIC

Food focus: MAPIC hosts The Happetite

The forum to accelerate the expansion of restaurant chains 

✓ A dedicated Food Area highlighting international restaurant chains & restaurant operators exhibitors

 Food networking events: closed-door events for restaurant chains to meet with private equity investors, franchise partners, etc.

✓ 1-day food forum in the conference programme

 Food Talks: dedicated session to highlight food concepts

Leisure focus: MAPIC hosts LeisurUp

The event to accelerate the integration of leisure in life places

✓ A dedicated leisure Area highlighting international leisure operators exhibitors

 Leisure networking events: closed-door events for leisure operators to meet with property leaders

✓ Leisure dedicated sessions in the conference programme

 Leisure Talks: dedicated session to highlight leisure concepts


New brands focus: MAPIC creates the DNVB Island

A new programme to guide Digital Native Brands with the maturity to go physical and start their retail expansion

A dedicated Area to highlight Digital Native Brands

✓ Speed-dating business meetings with property players

✓ A dedicated pannel session in the conference programme

✓ A web session prior to MAPIC to win new audience

✓ Special visibility to promote DNVB concepts

And why not exhibiting at MAPIC ?

Discover a complete range of new services, especially designed to maximize Retailers' visibility and enhance brand promotion:

  Retail Hub to stand out from the crowd 

✔  Digital Native Brands Island to boost your visibility

The Leisure Area by LeisurUp for leisure operators to showcase their concept

The Food Area by The Happetite for restaurant chains to highlight their brand

I'd rather be a visitor only

Be a part of the major international retail real estate event for Retailers looking to promote their brand, boost their retail expansion and connect with the leaders and newcomers of the industry.


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