MAPIC is committed to sustainability

How we’re making our show more sustainable

Our goal is to reduce waste production by 10% this year.

In 2022:

tonnes of waste were recovered

21.5 t
recovered as energy

11.3 t
as materials

Since 2022 we have been working with GreenBee Event Upcycling  to reduce our carbon footprint in an action plan with 3 pillars:

  • Rethinking the way we design and reuse materials with our Partner Green Bee
  • Carefully choosing materials and reducing our plastic consumption
  • Working with local employers and service providers committed to reduce their carbon footprint (FG design, EXPRIM)

Sustainability LAB 

A new exhibition area to gather all stakeholders with dedicated solutions accelerating the retail and real estate industries shift toward decarbonization and greenhouse gas emission reduction.

This Lab is gathering the stakeholders engaged with ESG strategy from energy management, renewable energy, low-carbon material, refurbishment and renovation, green investment, mobility, data and ESG performance, legal compliance. 

How we’re making the Chairman’s Club more sustainable

The space is made of 90% sustainable and reusable materials

We have reduced our plastic consumption (tableware, wood furniture) and increased waste separation for recycling

We work with local service providers (carpenters, electricians, etc.) based less than 30 km from the Palais des festivals

This zone has been created by FG Design

waste minimization 

Minimising the waste that MAPIC generates is a key priority that we share with our partners, visitors and stakeholders to make improvements year-on-year.
In 2022, MAPIC generated less waste than in 2021, despite an increase in visitor numbers, by giving materials such as wood to associations to recycle or reuse them.
Our goal is to continue to reduce waste every year, and we will continue to communicate updates both about our accomplishments for 2023 and our goals for MAPIC 2024.
To that end, we consulted with most of the decorators that operated at MAPIC 2023 and aim at consulting with all of them for 2024, setting out our targets and expectations for the creation and handling of waste at our next event.  

spreading the word

It is more important than ever to raise awareness about minimising waste, to ensure that there is a collective approach to tackling the problem. Alongside our partner GreenBee, a non-profit association based in Cannes, shared our targets and expectations with the decorators that work at MAPIC for us and our customers. GreenBee is connecting with most decorators operating at MAPIC to make them aware of the need for more eco-friendly stands, to increasingly choose reusable and recycled materials, use less plastic, and source locally.
In 2024, we aim to inform 100% of decorators about our waste minimisation goals, both via GreenBee, and through documentation which is sent after stand contracts are signed.


For MAPIC 2023 we plan to use little less carpet and to give it at the end of the show to associations or schools to reuse it. 

print at home badge

For Mapic 2023, we will use a Plastic-free badge holder in cardboard and will reuse the print-at-home badge. 

Carbon footprint reduction  

While all official MAPIC cars are now electric or hybrid, the drivers of MAPIC’s official fleet have also undergone training in driving to conserve resources, and how to better monitor fuel consumption.

The paper used for MAPIC publications comes from sustainably managed forests, guaranteed by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Using PEFC certified paper provides assurance that the wood fibre used in the production process originates in forests where sustainable forest management (SFM) practices are in place, such as harvesting and replanting for forest regeneration, conserving biodiversity and protecting the rights of forest workers. 

MAPIC 2023: Our partners

We care about who we work with and chose partners that share our vision for carbon reduction. From certifications to sustainability pledges, MAPIC takes a green approach to teamwork. 

MAPIC’s official caterers and food & beverage (F&B) suppliers are certified on matters such as sourcing products sustainably and commitments to both reducing waste and disposing of waste correctly.

The Palais des Festivals in Cannes has multiple certifications relating to sustainability, including key ISO standards on quality, environment, health & safety, and social responsibility.  More recent wins include certifications for security and responsible event management. 

The City of Cannes has joined forces for many years with the Palais des Festivals and several of the city’s leading hotels to address challenges relating to the environment and energy use. This resulted in the Palais des Festivals being awarded the “Sustainable Innovative Destination” label in June 2023. 

New initiatives for sustainability 

A new exhibition area “The Sustainability Lab” will gather ESG players and service suppliers with dedicated solutions in terms of energy efficiency for Retail Property players. These new partners will guide retail property players in their road to become carbon-neutral and more ethics!

MAPIC’s 2023 programme offers property players an unmissable window into sustainability initiatives that respond to consumers’ search for meaning and investors’ search for value. In addition to environmental questions, the event will also address questions regarding the positive effect retail can have on the social fabric of our cities, as part of mixed-use development or urban regeneration.


Brand-new for 2023 is the MAPIC Academy, MAPIC’s start-up incubator for innovative young retail brands. It features a new competition, which selects 5 young retail brands and supports their development through MAPIC’s network of experts and partners. Among the first edition’s finalists, all are committed in a sustainable development of their concept and positive. The jury will focus on projects that have a strong & positive impact: contribution to the local community, respect of the environment…

Sustainable and useful projects rewarded



From exceptional retail brand development to the latest cutting-edge solutions in sustainability and innovation, and the most recent real estate projects and redevelopments, all the winners of the MAPIC Awards 2023 will all have one thing in common: a strong commitment to sustainability. The jury will focus on projects that have a strong & positive impact: contribution to the local community, respect of the environment… 

Diversity, equity and inclusion 

A more diverse conference programme 

This year’s conference will kick off with a keynote from three leading female executives from some of the world’s most innovative and sustainably successful retail real estate projects—in line with MAPIC 2023’s commitment to a better and more responsible future.

Diversity and inclusion events 

MAPIC is strongly committed to promote diversity and increase education and awareness around the topic.

Our partners for DEI 

MAPIC thanks its partners for their help in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in Retail Real Estate.