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The meeting place of the world’s most influential retail real estate thinkers and doers, coming together for three days of high-level business action in a world-class venue.

  • Trailer MAPIC 2019

    Key figures

    8, 500 participants

    750 exhibitors

    2,000 retailers

    2,200 property developers

    1,300 Investment Companies

    255 Leisure projects

    240 innovation players

    80 countries

  • MAPIC in 2019: Special Focus on the New Retail Mix

    The New Retail Mix: Live Play Shop


    New customer behaviors, blending uses for lifestyle destinations, reloading the retail mix... Retail destinations have evolved into truly vibrant places.

    MAPIC is committed to reflecting retail’s changing face in its conferences and events to always supporting better retail real estate players in understanding the new retail mix and the challenges of building the lifestyle destinations of tomorrow.

    Discover the conferences programme

    Retailers from the new retail mix


    In order to stimulate the creation of unique lifestyle destinations, MAPIC is creating The Retailers Club: a range of services especially designed for retailers.

    Attendees will experience an even greater, more diverse mix of emerging brands bringing new concepts alongside well-established retailers driving business.

    Discover the hottest retail real estate projects through 2019 exhibitors

    Discover MAPIC Retailers Club

    MAPIC is launching the first global Leisure event


    While entertainment is becoming a key aspect of customer behaviors, leisure players are emerging on the retail real estate market bringing new challenges, creating new business models.

    To support the rise of leisure in the new retail mix, MAPIC is launching an international sister event accelerating its integration in lifestyle destinations.

    Join the first global leisure event* on 12 November, in Cannes.

    Discover MAPIC leisure event

    *Upon availability. MAPIC Badge mandatory.

  • What is MAPIC?

    Established in 1995, MAPIC has always been at the leading edge of the retail revolution, constantly adding new location-based elements while remaining true to its core mission to bring retailers, developers, cities, investors and specialists together to understand, embrace and drive forward amazing lifestyle destinations, attracting attendees from more than 80 countries.

    As evolving consumer needs compel the industry to re-imagine the future of shopping destinations, MAPIC has been at the forefront of these dramatic changes and has taken a leading role in embracing leisure, food & beverage, innovation and the challenges of the new retail mix.

    This November in Cannes, 8,500 participants including retailers, brands, pure players, shopping destinations, cities & urban planners, culture, leisure operators, workplaces, medical centres, and hotels will come together to imagine and build the world's best places to live, play and shop.

    Retail real estate market entire value chain:

    MAPIC gathers retail real estate key players and fosters relationships between a vast community of retailers representing the new retail mix, locations and business services.

    MAPIC Ecosystem: the new retail mix
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  • Why come to MAPIC?

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