Introducing the MAPIC Digital platform

Extraordinary situations require new and innovative solutions and, more than ever, to adapt.

MAPIC and LeisurUp 2020 will be a virtual meeting place.

░ What is the digital platform about ?

Accessible to all online attendees, the MAPIC Digital platform aims to bring the leisure and retail real estate community together to discuss, collaborate and share solutions for our industry in the COVID-19 era and beyond.

Log in on the Platform from 2nd November and from 17 to 18 November for the « Live » experience to interact with all MAPIC and LeisurUp participants!

Access the MAPIC Digital platform

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You will receive your login and password by mail to connect to the platform from 2nd November 

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Sign up to confirm your interest in the MAPIC Digital platform and receive priority notice for registration. Price: €200 

░ The MAPIC Digital platform features

Matchmaking Sessions

Attend a range of virtual matchmaking sessions with participants who have similar business objectives

Participant Directory

Access the participant directory of attendees and their contact details, connect and network

Live Stream Conferences 

Enjoy our Conferences Programme through live video sessions (plus all-year-long themed webinars)

Market Research

Ultra-premium content and sectoral analysis reports, partnered with XERFI

Industry Insights

Own and curated content from partners: articles, reports, whitepapers all in one place to get the latest retail industry insights

Retailers' Guide & Retail Real Estate Project Directory

Get a curated directory with more than 500 retail companies and new mixed use and real estate projects

░ Your MAPIC Digital Experience

The Platform will open 2nd November 2020
  • Prepare your MAPIC Digital two-day event 
  • Get your logins & tutorial onboarding for the digital platform and connect
  • Network and get recommendations for people you may want to meet during the live event
  • Build your personal agenda 
Attend virtually LeisurUp and MAPIC from 17 to 18 Nov. 2020  
  • Connect to the MAPIC Digital Platform and enjoy the live show
  • Watch live-streamed conference sessions
  • Attend selected matchmaking sessions
  • Attend your one-to-one meetings
The Platform will be available until 31st December 2020
  • Continue exploring the Online database to network and connect with contacts you did not have the time to meet
  • Watch conference session replays
  • Enjoy market insights, articles, whitepapers and interviews all year long

Attend MAPIC & LeisurUp 2020 Virtual shows.

Sign up to confirm your interest in the MAPIC Digital platform and receive priority notice for registration

Price: €200 

░ Matchmaking Sessions



Two days of dedicated matchmaking & networking sessions to attend online

  • AI-powered networking platform available
  • Create your own agenda
  • One-to-one meetings
  • Speed meetings between participants at a themed session

░ Live-streamed Conferences



Two Days of live-streamed conferences to discover our main theme: “Embracing collaborative retail” 
  • 20+ online conferences: panels, pitching sessions, keynotes etc…
  • Plus, all-year-long themed webinars to encourage discussions and focus on new business models for retail, mixing uses, compelling cities, refurbishment and extensions, sustainability and innovation

░ Participant Directory



Online database of participants

  • Filter participants according to business function, activity, country…
  • Access their contacts (email address, phone number..)
  • Get recommendations for people you might want to meet according to your business objectives

░ Working Tools

Retailers Guide & Retail Real Estate Project Directory

Curated PDF documents

  • Highlight photos and descriptions of each retail concept
  • Highlight photos and descriptions of each new mixed use and real estate project
  • Activity and expansion strategy (Retailers)
  • Contact and job function

Market Research

Sectoral analysis reports partnered with market research company XERFI (quarterly)

  • 100 pages of market research & data for each industry sector (Fashion, Food, Grocery, Retail Real Estate, etc…)
  • Industry sector forecasts 
  • Concurrence benchmark

Industry Insights

Exclusive industry content, a wide range of formats to get the latest insights: video, whitepapers, interviews, articles, infographics

  • Original content produced by the MAPIC team
  • Curated content from partners 
  • Digital MAPIC’s PREVIEW & NEWS editions