MAPIC will highlight cross border retail brands experiencing significant growth in the European market

Concurrently, the MAPIC Academy will showcase emerging brands, while conferences will explore advancements in innovation and AI, which now impact all aspects of commerce.

Cannes, 3 June 2024 – MAPIC 2024, taking place in Cannes from 26 to 28 November, will address crucial topics to help all sector players solve the equation of their growth in an ever-changing world. Alongside companies such as Carmila, SCC, Nhood, Multi, IGD SIIQ, Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE, McArthur Glen, Neinver, Nepi Rockcastle, ECE, Pradera, and others, 5,000 participants, including 1,600 brands from around the world, will gather for three days in Cannes to shape the future of retail. 


At the Heart of MAPIC: Variables of the New Retail Equation

Among the fundamental variables in this equation are the expectations of customers who seek to feel good, spend time together, and have memorable experiences within physical retail spaces. To meet these diverse expectations, new projects must be both mixed-use and diversified. Similarly, stores are becoming multifunctional by incorporating product testing, sales, repairs, second-hand goods, and immersive experiences, among other new ways to retain their clientele. 


The Evolution of Real Estate Assets Towards Greater Diversity
The commercial real estate sector plays a decisive role in enhancing the quality of life in cities, as commerce forges new connections between customers and citizens, strengthening their relationship with destinations. Last year, MAPIC highlighted major mixed-use projects such as Battersea Power Station (London, UK), Galataport (Turkey), Entrecampos (Lisbon, Portugal), WaltherPark (Bolzano, Italy), and Canopia (Bordeaux, France). This year, the MAPIC stage, featuring the Retail in the City Summit, will again showcase mixed-use projects demonstrating the foundational role of commerce in creating the city of tomorrow.


Sourcing Emerging and Internationally Expanding Brands
This year, MAPIC is launching the Observatory of Cross Border Retail. A guide published before the show will identify new international retail concepts entering Europe and those set for expansion in major European markets. These brands will also be showcased at the exhibition through a photo gallery and pitch sessions. MAPIC will thus fully play its role as an accelerator and connector between brands and commercial space owners or managers.


Launched last year, the MAPIC Academy provided a significant platform and visibility for brands already with a physical presence and looking to boost their growth. Equipped with a mentorship programme, a €10,000 prize, and a six-month pop-up in a Nhood centre, the 2023 edition helped World of Pop attract the interest of numerous real estate firms and accelerate its openings. The 2024 format will again benefit from Nhood’s support, joined this year by Ingka Centres


The Growing Importance of Leisure and Dining 
Through LeisurUp, MAPIC will illustrate how leisure brings a more human dimension to the brand experience. To this end, the Palais exhibition space dedicated to leisure has been entirely redesigned to offer two new areas dedicated to brand licences and immersive experiences, two significant and rapidly developing trends. MAPIC will also examine (particularly in conference sessions) how leisure venues dramatise their offerings through cultural, artistic, and musical events, aiming to create synergies between flows and activities to keep places vibrant throughout the day.

The dining sector is booming and plays a fundamental role in the customer experience by creating spaces where people can meet. As every year, The Happetite Forum will highlight successful and attractive dining concepts currently under development, particularly those with international and cross-border appeal.


Embracing Crucial Advances in Innovation, AI, and Sustainability
Technology is also an essential variable in the new retail equation, especially with the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) impacting all aspects of commerce, from the supply chain to in-store experiences. MAPIC will dedicate two conference sessions to these digital innovations that enhance customer knowledge and service. The MAPIC Awards will also include a new category dedicated to AI, examining how retail players have embraced it.

Finally, sustainability is now indispensable for companies required to comply with stricter legislation, meet a more attentive and demanding clientele, and attract investors. The Sustainability Lab area has been expanded this year to bring together more ESG experts and offer participants partners capable of addressing their environmental challenges.

“Retail, real estate, leisure, and hospitality players must constantly demonstrate agility to solve the ‘new retail equation’ imposed on them. In 2024, MAPIC’s innovations will highlight sector evolutions and make the exhibition a must-attend event for creating and accelerating connections among all stakeholders in the global retail ecosystem,” explains Francesco Pupillo, Director of MAPIC.


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