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Join the International Retail Property Event. For the first time, MAPIC, LeisurUp and The Happetite will take place under one roof, in Cannes. Stay tuned for the 2021 Edition!



Thank you for being part of the MAPIC & LeisurUp Digital Edition!

You were 2,300 e-participants from 60 countries including 700 retailers and Leisure Operators discussing and debating the ever-evolving retail real estate and leisure market. 1,300 e-meetings were conducted for the "Live".

Stay tuned for the 2021 Edition in Cannes.

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The iconic brands and the best emerging concepts are gathered in the Guide!

Discover new retail, food and leisure concepts from all around the world, their expansion objectives and main contact to initiate business with them.


░ Relive MAPIC Digital Edition !

Main topic of the Year: « Embracing Collaborative Retail: Ready to change the rules? »

Relive the 2020 Edition through the conference sessions!

Start by watching this one « Reshaping urban landscapes to be fit for the future ». More to come!   

READ the Live Edition Takeaways !

Download MAPIC & LeisurUp "LIVE" Takeaways and read the 10 key insights to rebuild the industry!  Covid has reshaped experience across channels, so what next? Key trends covered in the report: Leisure, Food, Innovation and a Special focus on Italy & France Forums!

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Conference Programme

Learn, share and connect with what is transforming the retail real estate business. Let’s reinvent the retail and lifestyle destinations!            

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MAPIC is gathering the whole retail real estate community in one place to discuss the future of the industry. View the 2020 Participants list!           

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The best of the industry in one book! There is plenty of up-to-date coverage on what’s happening in the world as the industry navigates an ever changing world.

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